What is Starting Strong Rapid City?
    Starting Strong Rapid City is a
      • market-based,
      • parent-driven,
      • voluntary
    community scholarship program for 3-and 4-year old children from low income families. It provides scholarships for children so that they may obtain high-quality early education in order to enter school ready to learn.

    Parents of eligible children can choose a quality preschool from among approved programs that provide transportation, nutrition, and highly qualified teachers.

    Give the gift of learning & Invest in the future!

    Scholarship Sponsors Needed
    All funds raised benefit
    local children &
    our community.
    Coming Soon
    Starting Strong May Day Breakfast
    May 1, 2014.
    Updates on progress,
    research findings
    and scholarship funding!
    (Event sponsorship needed)
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    You can impact the future!
    Programs like Starting Strong provide the foundation for:
    • School readiness,
    • Positive attitudes toward education,
    • Less need for remedial and special education services in schools,
    • Fewer problems with truancy and delinquency,
    • Higher graduation rates,
    • Higher earnings and success later in life.
    Early Education is Economic Development
    Early Education pays huge dividends!

    Studies show the return on investment for education is greatest during the preschool years. More than $7 (and as much as $17) in public funds are saved for every $1 spent on high quality programs like starting strong.

    Research finds that when tested at ages 8, 10, and 14, children from disadvantaged backgrounds who were enrolled in quality pre-kindergarten programs achieved at higher levels than those who weren’t. Former preschool students graduate from high school at significantly higher rates than non-participants and they earn more in later life.